Crackle pottery finishes

 cracked potteryCrazed pottery is often considered a sign of age and although it may be to a certain extent, it is mostly due to process error.  This random cracking of the glaze is mostly the result of the product being cooled too quickly.  It is very common to late 19th and early 20th century ceramics.  It took a few decades to be prefect, but today the crackle finish is created as an effect and is not crazing, specially common in many  modern Pottery.

Nowdays it is not used only in glazed pottery but also painted pottery, it's an highly sophisticated technic used to creat an amazing cracked effect.
Decor-Vases works with this technic for the most variety of modern pottery.

Visit us and check all our itens with the most variety of styles and crackled colors.

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