Pottery Vintage concept

New decorative products lines, beautiful vases made in ceramic and terracotta, concept VINTAGE.
The Vintage style tries to recreate a worn image over the years, makes us return to the past in the present.
It is a decorative style that fits from inner most classic to the most contemporary home decorations.
Available in various designs and colors.
An exclusive concept from decor-vases, 100% made in Portugal.
Buy it throught the shop www.decor-vases.com or wholesale in www.pottery-showroom.com.
 pottery vintage
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Valentine's day gifts - The sense of love figurines

 ceramic figurines of loveSurprise your partner with a truly unique gift.

Adorable ceramic figurines to offer on Valentine's Day or another special moment.

In Decor-Vases can find a beautiful collection of romantic objects to offer to his / her beloved, choose the sense of love you most identify with your relationship, we have the statue of fidelity, desire, cumplicity, passion, kiss and unity.

These items are available in the colors red (love) and white.

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DecorVases decorative pottery catalog

DecorVases presents the new ceramic decorative items collection with a online catalog to interested retailers and distributors.
Visit our online catalog Decorative pottery at: www.pottery-showroom.com, which it is in constant update with new lines of modern items for home and garden decoration.
Over the pottery-showroom.com website, distributors and retailers can request the password for access to wholesale/resale prices "Catalog with prices". To do so simply fill out the contact form with the information you need. After, your request will be processed and will be sent your password to consult our catalog with all features and prices.
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The inventor had initially designed this vase for her own relationship. When she got married, she was looking for a way to be able to save feelings, cherished memories and love testimonials throughout her relationship.

LOVEVASE is intended to keep all the love that a couple feel for each other by writing little notes to save for later. If one day for any reason the couple goes through rough times in their relationship, the vase can be broken and remind the couple of all the love that they feel for each other. Hopefully this act will make the couple give the relationship another chance. 
The inventor and his husband decided to break its vase on celebration of 25th wedding's birthday.

Whether you are buying the LOVEVASE for yourself or for a friend. It is a beautiful sentimental item that will keep all those special memories safe. It is perfect as Valentine´s or wedding gifts. Buy yours here.

 Lovevase original

Careers Roosters

Careers' roosters is an innovation of the traditional rooster of Barcelos.
Unique items produced exclusively in Barcelos, Portugal, the land of the famous rooster in Barcelos, known throughout the world as the undisputed symbol of Portugal. 
The collection of professions' roosters has the most labor occupations: Rooster Nurse, Teacher, Lawyer, Musician, Architect, Fadista, Accountant, Academic, Professional, etc.. 
If you want to surprise a friend, offer him(her) one of these excellent quality roosters according its profissional labour, he(she) will love it! Visit our web store Decor-Vases and contact us for wholesale.

Crackle pottery finishes

 cracked potteryCrazed pottery is often considered a sign of age and although it may be to a certain extent, it is mostly due to process error.  This random cracking of the glaze is mostly the result of the product being cooled too quickly.  It is very common to late 19th and early 20th century ceramics.  It took a few decades to be prefect, but today the crackle finish is created as an effect and is not crazing, specially common in many  modern Pottery.

Nowdays it is not used only in glazed pottery but also painted pottery, it's an highly sophisticated technic used to creat an amazing cracked effect.
Decor-Vases works with this technic for the most variety of modern pottery.

Visit us and check all our itens with the most variety of styles and crackled colors.

Pots for plants and flowers

One of the most beautiful decorating ornaments for home and garden are the ceramic pots with plants or flowers, a beautiful container used by those who love a touch of style and fresh air to its home. Decor-vases shows in its online store a line of vases and bowls for plants and flowers produced in some poteries in northern Portugal with innovative finishes at very competitive prices.
We sell ​​in our shop directly to the final consumer and resell to plant nurseries, garden centers and others for all over the world.
Contact our customer service service to get our resale prices and catalogs.