Brief history of Portuguese pottery

The pottery, clay and clay derivatives, is the material that accompanied man since its beginning, objects were used as utensils or simply decoration.
The ability of clay to be molded when mixed in the right proportion of water and harden after firing, allowed it to be used in building houses, containers for household use and storage of food, wines, oils, perfumes and even "paper "for writing.
The clay is extracted from a sedimentary rock consisting of small particles deposited and accumulated in the soil over thousands of years.
One of the most beautiful pottery ornaments is the glaze ceramic, also known as glazed, is used as the ceramic coating for your ornament or waterproofing. Its composed by minerals and metals which, after its melting oven when brought to high temperature (fire), form the enamel. Its color can vary greatly depending on their composition and temperature and duration of burning (fusion).
This is the basic principle of manufacturing ceramic articles from the thousands of years up to today, which makes the art of working the clay into a mystical symbol of the times., allied artisans' knowledge acquired over time to the development of new techonologies, resulting in a new perspective of decorative pottery, Innovation and tradition.
In can find decorative items in terracotta and ceramics with sophisticated finishes, the result of innovation and development of new techniques, such as rust finish on terracotta, terracotta finish cork on new techniques of hand-painted and scratched , finishes and glazes new paintings.
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