Terracotta corrosion finish

Pottery manufacturers strive every days not only for producing a high quality product but also to present unique pieces with innovative finishes that are distinguished from other pottery pieces, by the personality and art that each of them transmits in various decorative environments where it can be framed.
From many finishes developed, there is the imitation of rusty metal. The rusting metal imitation is a new finishing process over terracotta decorative items, inspired by the beauty of the typical yellowish brown oxidized iron, patent in objects left at the mercy of nature, as abandoned objects (tractors, cars, ships, trains and planes).
DECOR-VASES has the privilege to present these new articles with high quality rusty imitation technique at very competitive prices.
Visit the terracotta corrosion category  in decor-vases.com store and see the quality and originality of these beautiful rusty items. It is a finish that can be applied (on special request) in any other styles in terracotta pottery.

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